United Nations Terminology Search Portal

Welcome to the UNTERM portal

The UN Team has designed this Portal to allow users to conduct a simultaneous search of several UN terminology databases which are managed on different platforms in different parts of the world. The data contained herein are not updated in real time yet, but are imported regularly from those data sources. Those data sources have not been merged; rather, the portal is a kind of search engine running simultaneously in several sets of separate data.

Here is a video demonstration of how to use the portal (depending on your location there may be a delay before the youTube video starts playing):

Please note: this Search Portal is an evolving application and still under development. We appreciate your feedback on any issues you may encounter. The current data sets mostly represent live data from various terminology sources but they are still in "test" status and may not consistently reflect official, updated or authoritative United Nations terminology.

Terminology Data - Search Portal